Publishing Design

MME Publishing Design - Make the most of your promotions through creative and eye-catching advertising designs!

In this digital age of business, we still cannot deny the fact that printed reading materials were still relevant. Nothing can beat the authenticity and quality of being able to touch and read on paper the published materials wether its a book, magazine, newsprint, or a promotional piece of material.  There comes the word ‘quality’ as we are very confident of our layouts and designs for publishing materials as well as to the quality of printing services we offer.

We at MultiMind Enterprise were equipped and capable of creating exceptional quality and top-grade design jobs for all kinds of printed publishing materials based on client’s project requirements and preferences.



We do layout and designs for:

Books, Magazines, Pamphlets, Notebooks, Media kits, Planners, Catalogs, Yearbook, Magazine, Newsletter, Annual reports, Desk Calendars, Multi-fold brochures, etc.





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